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Meadow Meditation Video.jpg

Here's a short meditation to give you a nice break during the day to step away from everything. Could help keep you from kicking cans, pets, and assorted co-workers.

What is your personality type?

I love personality assessments. It's a chance to learn more about myself and see what I am strong at, as well as what I need to be careful about. DiSC has always been an easier-to-understand assessment for me. Here's a place you can take it for free. (Of course they'll try to sell you the full version of your personality profile, but that's up to you.) DiSC

Do you play well with others?

A fun activity to judge your level of emotional intelligence. You know what that is. It's the skill that lets you realize whether you're making this person want to throttle you or join on your bandwagon. Knowing the difference can really help your ability to play well with others. Emotional Intelligence Quiz

They Said You're Acting Childish? Good!

I found a new favorite article. This simple list on reminds us of ways to be the person we wanted to be as a kid. It's refreshing. It's eye opening. And it makes me want to pull out my coloring book and chew bubble gum again. 10 Ways to Be the Person You Wanted to Be as a Kid

The Best Organization Site

I've been on this woman's email list forever. I've gotten more ideas on how to get organized and manage my time and stuff from her than anyplace else. I'm still a work in progress! Check out Get Organized Now

Tips to Living a Better Life

There are so many simple itty-bitty things we can do to improve the quality of our lives. I like this listing because it spoke to me on so many levels. I particularly like the advice to stop comparing myself to others. Ways to Live a Better Life

Guided Meditations

Here's a collection of guided meditations that I really enjoy. Maybe it's the fellow's accent. Maybe it's the scripts. Or perhaps the great music behind some of them. Whatever it is, I like these for helping me sleep, getting me inspired, or just a short break from the world. The Honest Guys

Arts & Crafts for the Scissors-Challenged

This Pinterest collection is listed as Arts and Crafts for Ladies Night Out, but I could happily do these on my own. I also really like the idea that they don't require a lot of skill, because artistic skill is not in my resume. Arts & Crafts for Adults

A Walking Partner

I am bored by walking. I don't like to sweat. And there are mosquitoes outside. But this lady really helps me get into walking in my living room. She's got beginner sessions up to advanced. All I can talk about are the beginner ones, but I like them! Walk at Home

Finding Focus When... Look, a Squirrel!

I thought it was funny that the first time I looked up focus on the internet to find ideas to help me calm my wandering mind, most of the search results were for drugs. Actually, that's kind of sad. So, I needed to start small to overcome my issue with concentration. Here are some great baby steps. 7 Attention Exercises

Real World Time Management

I love this article because it gives 27 realistic ideas to regain control of your time and activities. Some of them sound like common sense, but as we've seen -- common sense isn't all that common anymore. Time Management Tips

Classic Movies

I love old black and white movies. Just seems like life was simpler then. Or at least the plots were. Here's a great site to search for some old classics and some old clunkers too. And you can't beat free. One4All Classic Movies

A jazz channel for your coffee time

Want some nice background jazz to feel like you're sitting in a coffee shop with no place particular to be? Cafe Music 

Background Atmosphere Sounds

Sometimes all you want is nice background sound like waves, rain, or a cat purring. And sometimes you want something more specific, like a Victorian library in a thunderstorm, the sound of snowfall around a cabin in the woods, or a rainy ride on the Orient Express. Or if you're really different, you want your  room to sound like a haunted house. Here's a channel with all that and more. The Vault of Ambience

Binaural Beats

If you've never tried these, they're worth a listen. The jury is still out on whether these can affect your brainwave patterns, but when I find one I like, it helps relax me and calm my "monkey mind."

Good Vibes Binaural Beats

What difference can one person make?

I'm so glad you asked. One guy started videoing himself doing a silly dance in every country he visited and ended up making millions of people get together and laugh. His name is Matt and I was lucky enough to join his party when he visited New Orleans. (I'm at 1:45. Look for the chicken hat.) Love the music too. Where the Hell is Matt?

Free Classes You Can Finish Today

If you're like me and have the attention span of a chihuahua on caffeine, you're always on the lookout for ways you can learn something ... fast. Really fast. But you want quality too. Enter Coursera. Classes from universities and organizations around the world for free. And these are a collection of ones that you can finish in one day's time. Sounds like an ADHD dream to me. Coursera courses

What is my spirit animal?

You know all those assessments you see on social media that decide your Hogwart's house, your Disney character, your spirit animal (mine is a rabid raccoon) and other stuff that makes you go, "Huh?" Here they are: Personality Quizzes

A kick in the pants

I'll do that "someday." "I can't start on that goal today. It's too cloudy." Or "The turtle ate my homework." We're all great at making excuses. This article is a good "kick in the pants" for when you're making excuses to not work toward your goals. 10 simple considerations. They're good ones. 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

Pain relief, exercise, and laughter

Billing themselves as the two most famous physical therapists on the internet (in their opinion), these two bring practical ideas to exercise, pain remedies, and more. And they do it with a great nerdy sense of humor. Bob & Brad

Coaxing Your Creativity

Years ago the book, The Artist's Way, was recommended to me as a way to get unstuck. It did the job. In fact, so much so that I have never finished the book. I get ideas from the activities and have never made it past the first few chapters. Did I mention ADD? The lovely lady who created this book, Julia Cameron, has a site that can really unblock your artist's block. Julia Cameron Blog

An illustrated guide to life

I had never heard of this guy before I stumbled on his site, but I was instantly impressed by his uncommon common sense and I love anything that has pictures because too many words make me dizzy. 25 ideas that could change your life

Grief Stinks

As life goes on, we have more opportunities to experience grief. Some people handle it so well. I suspect medication is involved. For the rest of us who could use some ideas to help us move through grief, I found this girl on Pinterest who has some of the coolest activities. And while many of them are focused on kids, I really like them too. That may say something about my "mental age", but don't say that or I'll get depressed again. Grief Activities

Wobbling Our Way to Life Balance

Balancing your life sounds so simple. Sure it is. (Sarcasm alert there.) As a constantly off-balance individual, I need ideas to work toward balance that are so simple that my cat could do them. Oh wait, bad example. My cat is the most balanced individual I've every known. But you get my point. Here are some simple points from the Blissful Mind. Balance in Life

Continuing Your Education

I can't go back to school. I don't want to take classes at my age. Think those statements over. What if you could try it out? Take some classes from real universities for free and see if it gets you excited about learning again? Here's the site.

Overcoming Stress

If you're alive, you've got stress. It just comes with this territory of making our way through life. But there are things we can do to manage that stress and divert that energy into positive activities. This site has some wonderful ideas. Help Guide to Stress Management

Book Summaries

Want to feel smart quickly? Heard about those great new nonfiction books, but never had time to read them. Check out 2000 books for quick summaries that leave you feeling "in the know." 2000 books

Achieving Goals

Sometimes articles about goal setting overwhelm me. They go through this huge plan that usually includes a spreadsheet or some kind of software. Nah. Give me a nice simple list of actions to get me going and I'm good. Here it is. Ways to reach your ultimate goals

The Top 20 TedTalks

Here's a playlist of the most watched TedTalks of all time. They range from science to laughter and give you a dose of "smartness" in 15 minute packages.

Top 20 Ted Talks of All Time

Missing Disneyworld?

Here's your answer. Go on the rides without the lines. This collection of ride videos from various theme parks puts you in the seat for the full experience. World of Theme Parks

Punching Writer's Block

When one of the suggestions on this blog was "cursing like a sailor," I knew I'd found the right resource for this topic. Although it does have some annoying pop-ups, it's worth the clicking to get to the recommendations. Writers Block 

Can car repair be funny? Yes.

If you've never treated yourself to NPR's Car Talk with Click and Clack, you need to give this old show a listen. Yes, you get car advice, but much more than that, you get lots of laughter. Car Talk

Create your own memes

If you like the funny meme pictures on social media and have thought of the perfect joke you'd like to create, it's much easier with a template. Here's a site to create memes with your own wording. And, if it comes out good, please share it with us. We all need a good laugh! Meme Generator

Trivia Time

Feel like testing your trivial knowledge? Or is that knowledge of trivia? I forget. Either way, this site features all kinds of fun quizzes. Could be great for your next virtual happy hour. BuzzFeed Trivia

Change your life in a day

I was really drawn to the title of this article because I like instant results. I can't tell you how many half-completed puzzles I have done, how any hobbies I started, and how many classes I wanted to use a "fast forward" on. So when I saw this, I checked it  out and discovered some really simple ways to make a u-turn when you feel stalled. Change life in a day

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