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The Book of Me

This is where it all started. A journal, planner, and vision board guide that helps you appreciate the life you have and achieve the changes you want. Buy it here.

Crafts Activity

Your Products Here

Yep, this is a club. And when you are at club meetings you always find yourself talking about things that you have discovered. Let's do it!

Do you have a purchase you made that is making your life easier? A gadget you found that is more fun than you would have imagined? A dollar store find that you don't know how you lived without? 

How about this? Have you taken your craft from hobby to business? Have you created something you want others to support or purchase?

This is the spot for it. Click the Get In Touch button below to submit your discoveries for addition to this page. 


The 15-Minute Book

If this site makes you start thinking that one of  your goals in life is writing a book, here's a great workbook to help. It's focused on taking the knowledge you have and turning it into a book that can help others. And, remembering my incredibly short attention span, it's written so that you can complete your book in 15 minute bursts of writing. Buy it here.


In Celebration of Elastic Waistbands

If you're older, you'll understand when I describe this book as my tribute to Erma Bombeck. It's episodes of my life that are embarrassing and funny and will make you feel better about your life. Buy it here.


Here's one you don't even have to buy! Cheré Dastugue Coen operates this site, Weird, Wacky, & Wild South, that shares her adventures in some of the most amazing places. You can choose one for your next outing or be an armchair traveler and enjoy her adventures.

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