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Diet and other 4-letter words

Every diet plan seems to have that four-letter word in it. Kale.

Not that there's anything wrong with kale, but I don't want to change the stuff I eat that much. I don't want my shopping list to look like I'm gathering twigs and plant leaves for a week of Survivor. So, I found some simple eating tips that are making me healthier without dieting. And I'm still losing weight. I want to share.

Water. Yes, it seems boring, but it fills you up. Studies say that we should drink half our weight in ounces each day. So, if you weighed 200 pounds, you'd drink 100 ounces of water. And yes, you'd probably slosh when you walked. But just that realization makes you see how, no matter how much water you‘re drinking, you could be drinking more. Eat when you're hungry. Not when you're starving. You know you do it. You think you're being healthy. But you skip lunch or you wait longer to eat and then you're so hungry that your rational mind gets pushed aside as you dig out that Pop Tart from 1992 hidden inthe back of your pantry. More small meals keep you from reaching that point. Keep healthy snacks handy. If I have a bowl of candy bars on the table, I will eat candy bars. If I have a bowl of washed apples, some of those cute little tangerines, or nuts there, that's what I'll eat. It's simple laziness. We all have it. Why not make it work in our favor?

Eat slowly. Practice putting down your fork every few bites. Breathe. Take a drink of water. Stop and assess if you're still hungry, And stop eating when you're full. Just because there are a few more bites on your plate doesn't mean you have to finish them. Those starving children your Mom told you about wouldn't be able to get these leftovers before they went bad anyway. Read labels. It's amazing how many products make claims on the front of the box that don't really seem to agree with the nutrition label. They say they have half the calories, less fat, and lower carbs. Some do. Others seems to be comparing themselves to a chocolate filled donut with sprinkles. (Why did I mention that? It's going to take some time to get that donut out of my head...) But the point is, don't go by the promo statement on the front of the box. Turn it over and really look at what's in the food you buy. It can help you control your diet just by changing to a different product. There you go. Five suggestions that don't involve changing your whole diet, fasting, or kale. And they'll make an immediate difference. Now, let’s go get a glass of water and kick this thing into high gear.

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