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Friends Losing Friends

When a loved one leaves, our heart needs a little tender loving care. The good folks of the International Grief Institute are trying to help with resources for the grieving, as well as the ones who are trying to support them at this difficult time. Their site includes recommended practices, checklists, and more. Highly recommend.

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Thought for today

No one knows more than you do. They just know different things. Christee Gabour Atwood


Christee Atwood
Christee Atwood
Aug 28, 2022

Sorry I'm slow seeing this, Dot.

Boy, can I relate to your comment. Lately I've realized that I don't seem to go to weddings anymore. Now it's all funerals. I suppose this is what comes from living longer, but it can be a bit heartbreaking to say goodbye to our friends.

I believe this is one of the areas where social media can help us. We can relate with others who are going through the same challenges, find people who lift us up, and even share a laugh. Those are all included in my definition of a "good day."

Let's stay connected and help each other through the tough days, and laugh together on the good ones!


I needed this. I’ve reached the age where I’m losing friends—to death, to Altzeimers, to moves—faster than I’m making new ones. The old saying, “Make new friends, keep the old—One is silver, the other gold,” is like the coins in my purse—leaning more toward copper these days.

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