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Tapping? Who'd've Thunk It?

I love to learn about new ways to try to calm my inner thoughts. These are chaotic ramblings that often play out like an episode of Gilligan's Island acted out completely by chimpanzees. They are not pretty. And Mr. Howell is flinging poo again.

So, when I heard about "EFT Tapping," my little antenna went up and said, "Let's research this. But not until after we find a chocolate-filled donut, because a girl's gotta have priorities."

Now, with the chocolate melting from memory, I have studied a bit and I like this idea. It's simply combining well-placed taps and breathing with a bit of "There, there, you're crazy, but you're an okay kind of crazy." This feels like something that may calm Mr. Howell down.

The video hyperlink in the photo above will take you to a quick demo - 3 minutes - to help you decide if this might help calm your inner gymnasts and help you release a bit of the stress we've all stored up in the past year. Enjoy. Then tell me what you think.

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