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Armchair Travelers: This is for you!

One of our Book of Me members (and my "separated at birth" sister), Cheré Dastugue Coen, operates the site, Weird, Wacky, & Wild South, that shares her adventures in some of the most amazing places.

She's been writing her travelogues for years for publications across the U.S. Now you can catch her stories on her own site, including great advice for places to go that are most definitely not on the beaten path. You can choose one for your next outing or be an armchair traveler and enjoy her adventures.

She's an award-winning journalist and author and a native of New Orleans, who began her career in communications at the 1984 World’s Fair. She's worked for Variety magazine in Hollywood, the Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge, Gambit Weekly in New Orleans, the Gannett newspapers of Louisiana, and The Californian.

By the way, if you find yourself loving her writing style, check out her books at

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