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Calling Home

Hardest book I’ve ever written. Hardest decision to publish since I actually wrote it for myself. But I feel like it’s important and so Calling Home will release on January 1, 2022. Here’s the book description:

We each grieve in our own ways. Some of us pull away from others. Some cling more tightly to the ones we have left in our lives. Some pray for answers while others curse the sky.

The thing we seem to have in common is one singular desire. The dream of one more chance to talk to the person. To hear the vibrations of their voice. To share the things left unsaid in a conversation, not just words bounced off a granite marker.

I guess you could say that, for many of us, the longing we have is a chance, one more time, to simply call home.

That longing is where this story begins.

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