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Changing Perspective

It's funny. Every day I wake up and make a huge To-Do List. Then I'm exhausted before I even get started. Today, I realized how many things I had done before I even made it to the coffee maker and thought that maybe I needed to give myself credit for all that work.

Think about it. You automatically do things like cleaning up after yourself, refilling things, throwing out things, straightening things, and then you forget about them and think, "I haven't accomplished anything this morning."

This morning I flipped it and I have to say, I feel charged up. I'm looking at two pages of silly little things I've done, ranging from litter box duty to tossing some things I don't need any more. Every time I do something, I write it down. Suddenly I feel like a productive little critter!

And the good thing about a Done List is that it's done when I decide. There's none of this, "Oh, I didn't get to everything on my list." When I'm worn out, I'll look at my list and say, "Well done!" Yes, I talk to myself a lot.

And then I'll give myself a prize. Probably something in the wine family.

Sure, there are days I'll need my To-Do List, but maybe recognizing when I need to use a Done List instead is just as important?

Note: I am now going to add Blog Post to my Done List.

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