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Resources for Grieving

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

This resource page started when I was

looking for a few suggestions to add to my list for the program I'm presenting at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library on Journaling Through Grief. I ended up with much more than I ever imagined.


UPDATE: Thanks to Julietthe with Orlando Recovery Center, a web resource that provides information and support to people fighting substance abuse and addiction. She came across the our blog section dedicated to mental health and grief, and wanted to share some excellent information:

"Grief can be an unspoken bond between people who are in treatment for substance use disorders. People have often suffered many losses by the time they enter recovery. To help share more information, we created comprehensive guides about Grief & Substance abuse and co-occurring depression and substance abuse treatment. We believe there could never be too much information regarding this topic."

We agree whole-heartedly, Julietthe! Here are links to their valuable resources that can help you or those you love on the journey back from grief and substance use disorders.


The thing that amazes me is how many wonderful people have put tools out there to help us work through our grief -- and do it freely, welcoming the sharing of the materials. That's what this post includes.

Following is a list of outstanding sites and a few things you'll find on each so you can find one that is most related to your form of grief, whether it is complicated, long lasting, or even anticipatory.

And most importantly, I want to remind you that you don't have to go through your grief alone. Talk it out. Write it out. Find organizations to help. There is hope and help for you. You are not alone.

Grief worksheets, activities and exercises

Coaching Resources, worksheets, articles, including tools to help others through the grieving process

Coping with Loss resources and long listing of books for all areas of grieving

Click on Free Printables for free mental health workbooks and handouts, including those listed below:

  • After a Loved One Dies – How Children Grieve and How Parents and Other Adults Can Support Them (Source: New York Life, 24 pages)

  • Back to Life: Your Personal Guidebook to Grief Recovery (Source: Recover From Grief, 71 pages)

  • Bereavement: Moodjuice Self-Help Guide (13 pages)

  • Coping with Loss Workbook (Source: Mind Remake Project, 100 pages, 2021)

  • A LifeCare Guide to Helping Others Cope With Grief (Source: LifeCare, 23 pages) 2001

  • On the Wings of Grief: A Bereavement Journal for Adults (Source: Simpler Times, 32 pages)

  • Understanding Death, Grief, & Mourning: A Resource Manual (Source: Cornerstone of Hope: A Center for Children, Teens, and Adults, 48 pages)

Extensive list of resources including the following pdfs:

Anticipatory Grief Resources, pdf from Georgetown support group with excellent articles and advice on dealing with conditions including Alzheimer's

Visual and Auditory Resources Handout that includes links to grief Ted Talks and podcasts

Prolonged Grief Self Assessment Tools, Webinars, Handouts, Articles

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