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Quick Self-Care Ideas

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

  • Start a Victory Page. When people say something nice, write it down. Use a colorful piece of paper to write keywords that remind you of victories and nice phrases others have said about you.

  • Fix a small annoyance. That loose knob. A missing button. A light bulb that needs replacing. Note: Spouses do not count as small annoyances.

  • Detox your social. Clear out your social media of negative feeds and connections.

  • Have a "you" moment. Do one thing today just because it makes you happy. It's even more fun if it's something that makes others question your sanity.

  • Declutter something. Pick one counter, one drawer, one area. Set a timer and take 15 minutes to clear it. And if you find something that you just bought again because you couldn't find that one, don't feel bad. That makes you part of a big club of us. On a related note, anybody want a free nutcracker?

  • Dance your kitchen clean. Add music and silly dance steps to your regular cleaning tasks. It burns calories and scares everyone else out of the house.

  • Go outside. The sun is a great attitude adjustment tool. Those who live in Louisiana and similar climates should use common sense on what days are good "outside" days.

  • Smell something you like. A candle. A flower. A food. Incense. Find a smell that makes you feel good and enjoy it. I have a lemon body wash that I sniff all through my shower. What can I say? Small things amaze me.

  • Reminisce. Take out some of your favorite old photo albums and journey back in your thoughts. Enjoy the moments all over again. And yes, you can also do this with photos on your phone. I guess the fact that I automatically said photo albums shows that I'm old.

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