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Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I don't know about you, but Facebook and Instagram don't fulfill my social needs. I want interaction that doesn't include a fight about politics or which way to place toilet paper on the roll.

Enter Virtual Happy Hours. These are simply using one of the many meeting platforms that are available for free on the internet.

At first I wasn't sure about these. Drinking + Zoom sounds like a formula for regrets. So I decided to gather a list of ideas for other kinds of Happy Hours.

See what you think. And if you're ready to schedule one, you'd better invite me!

  • Hold a game night. Pictionary and charades are hilarious. You can use the whiteboard option to draw your pictures on the screen.

  • Watch a movie together. You can share a screen to watch a movie together and chat your comments. Or watch a movie without sound and create your own dialogue as you go.

  • Create a list of fun questions to answer together. Favorite song? Embarrassing moments? First kiss? (Might be the same thing as embarrassing moment...)

  • Hold a costume party. Everybody models their costumes and tells why they chose them. (If you wear a dominatrix costume, we don't want to know.) You can even take a Brady Bunch group pic by doing a screen capture.

  • Visit a museum or art gallery online with friends. Share a screen and discuss the view together.

  • Hold an open mic night where people share a talent. Let folks share a song or a comedy routine or a recipe or whatever. Keep it to four minute performances so everyone gets a chance to share.

  • Do arts and crafts together. Get your coloring books out and color while you talk. Wine helps with this one.

  • Host a book club. Pick fiction and nonfiction books to discuss. Self-help books could be a great positive book club topic.

  • Theme park night. YouTube is full of videos taken while riding the rails at amusement parks. Share your screen and go on the rides together.

  • Sales pitch. Everyone takes turns showing a strange item they have selected and someone else in the group has to do a one minute sales pitch to try to sell it to the group. (Sort of like those 1-800 commercials where you always get a second one just for shipping charges?!)

There you go. Share your ideas of other themes for happy hours and tell us how yours goes!

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